A session reflecting on the future of the Latxa breed

Under the ARDI project a session reflecting on the future of the Latxa breed was held at the Arkaute Agri-food campus on 17th December. After a general overview of the ARDI project at the session by Eva Ugarte explaining the targets of the same, there was a roundtable with different agents in the sector (D.O.P Idiazabal; D.O.P. Roncal; Artzai-Gazta and CONFELAC). During said reflection, the weak relationship among agents and the few common discussion spaces were identified as a weakness, despite the fact all their work revolves around the Latxa breed. Hence the need for all the sector agents to work together was emphasised to increase Latxa breed competitiveness, maintaining the same production system, since it is one of the Latxa breed strengths, not to mention being a differentiating factor against foreign breeds. The importance of working on milk fat and protein was highlighted since virtually all of it was turned into cheese. Collaboration interest also includes the North Basque Country farmers and agents working with the Manech breed.

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