The main aim of the ARDI project consists of advancing towards common management in the genetic improvement programmes and selection of the sheep breeds Latxa and Manech through:


1Reinforcement of the connection among the selection schemes of the Latxa and Manech breeds


Exchange genetic material and genomic selection assessment and implementation experiences among the Latxa and Manech populations to create stronger connections between both populations.

1.1 Semen exchange.

1.2 Organization of fairs, exhibitions and visits to insemination centres for farmers.

1.3 Technical visits and stays at insemination and research centres to become familiarized with genetic assessment models and methodologies.

1.4 Uniformization of udder morphological classifications.

2Transfrontier genetic assessment


Eliminate existing methodological barriers for joint genetic assessment.

2.1 Introduce the genetic value of Manech rams imported in the Latxa assessments.

2.2 Application of test-day for composition assessments.

2.3 Assessment of genetic variability and consanguinity of populations.

3Development of new characters


To work together on new characters of common interest.

3.1 Analysis and preliminary description of longevity, resistance to parasites and heat stress characters.

3.2 The problems of implementing genomic selection in small populations.

4Set-up of a transfrontier structure for common management of the Manech and Latxa schemes


To set-up structures enabling the Latxa and Manech breeds to increase their competitiveness against other more productive yet less sustainable breeds.

4.1 Collective definition of selection strategies and aims.

4.2 Analysis of applicable legislation.

4.3 Creación de la estructura más adecuada.

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