A commitment to for the conservation of the autochthonous

pyrenean dairy sheep breeds


Ardi Project

The autochthonous Pyrenean dairy sheep breeds (Latxa, Manech and Basco-Béarnaise) have a high economic and social value, yet their survival is threatened by the presence of other breeds with much more intensive production systems.

The ARDI project proposes a joint action to advance towards common management of the different genetic improvement programmes extant in the Euroregion to increase their competitiveness, likewise strengthening their colonization and exploitation.


The ARDI project strategic objective is to advance towards the common management of Latxa and Manech sheep breed selection and genetic improvement programmes.

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Set-up of a transfrontier structure for common management of the Manech and Latxa schemes.

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Events and news

Genetic improvement to conserve and protect milk production of Latxa, Manech and Basco-Bearnesa sheep.

04/10/2021 See more

Ardi project: presentation of results

17/09/2021 See more

Advancing towards the final stage of Ardi

19/05/2021 See more

The ARDI project makes progress despite COVID-19

05/02/2021 See more
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