20 farmers and technicians attended the session on the Latxa Blackface of Navarre organised by ASLANA

ASLANA, the Latxa Sheep Breed of Navarre Breeders’ Association, organised a session on the Latxa Blackface Breed of Navarre on 23rd April 2019 within the European ‘ARDI’ project of the POCTEFA programme to boost mutual knowledge among farmers of this breed and the Manech Tête Noire.

20 farmers and technicians attended the session, which started with a visit to the INTIA Insemination Centre in Oskotz, which has the best specimens of this breed.

Afterwards they visited two ASLANA partners’ flocks and were shown the lambs born as a result of the inseminations carried out in the ‘ARDI’ project.

It turned out to be a highly enriching initiative for the Latxa Blackface of Navarre and Manech Tête Noire farmers, accompanied by ASLANA and CDEO (Centre Départemental de l´Elevage Ovin) technicians, which enabled them to advance in the common management of selection schema and joint work proposed within the project.

ASLANA also held an informative session on 16thApril for its associates where they discussed the project advances and future actions. Both sessions completed the work ASLANA has been doing within the ‘ARDI’ project.


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