Presentation of the project results at the 70thAnnual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) in Genth

The results of 4 research projects carried out under the ARDI project were presented during the 70thAnnual Meeting of EAAP.

Itsasne Granado Tajada, who is doing her doctorate thesis at Neiker-Tecnalia under the direction of Eva Ugarte, presented a poster on the Basque and Navarre Latxa Blond Face and Latxa Black Face consanguinity estimation, effective census and relationship. Fernando Macedo, who is doing his doctorate these at the INRA under the direction of Andrés Legarra, presented a poster with results on bias, slope, and precisions in the genetic assessment of milk production in Manech Tete Rousse. Carolina Pineda Quiroga, who is a member of the research team at Neiker, presented a poster on the convenience of using the test-day genetic assessment for milk production and quality characters in comparison with the lactational model. Furthermore, Carolina took part in a study presented as a talk on the comparative response of different sheep breeds to heat stress.

Detailed information on each of the aforementioned projects can be consulted at:ABSTRACT



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