ARDI project follow-up meeting in Hendaye

ARDI project partners met in Hendaye on 19th October 2018 to comment together the advance made in technical actions and divulge some preliminary results.

Neiker and ARDIEKIN revealed the advances made in the action related to reinforcing the connection between the selection schema of Latxa and Manech breeds, mentioning over 2000 seminal doses of Manech black head and Manech red head were used in the last Latxa insemination campaign. Furthermore, INRA has advanced in the development of methodologies and mathematical models enabling inclusion of the Manech rams’ genetic value in the Latxa breed assessments to carry out correct transfrontier genetic assessment. Lastly, IDELE has worked on the characterisation and selection of flock production parameters which are indicative of functional longevity as a strategy for identifying new genetic selection traits to be considered in the improvement programs of the breeds in question.

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